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The following incentives are current and tracked by HQ. No submission form is necessary!


Awarded monthly when sales totals are $750+ by the 15th of the month.

5% & 10% BONUSES

Awarded monthly when sales totals reach $1K and $4K

Referral Rewards

Receive $10 cash/$25 gift card for a Fan Fiction referral and $25 cash/$50 gift card for a Best Seller referral


  • What constitutes a show?

    A show, a party, a style session, a fashion jamboree! Whatever you call it, we want to help you thank your hostess for introducing you to new customers, be it virtually or in person. To be eligible for these rewards, your event must close with a minimum of 3 guest (non-hostess) orders + 1 hostess order of any amount ( 4 orders for a Mystery Hostess event, one of which you can designate as the hostess to receive credits.)

  • Why do I need to register?

    Notifying the admin team of your show at least 7 days in advance allows us to help you provide an excellent experience for your hostess and her guests. We'll double check that your hostess has an active customer account connected to you. New customers can, at your request, be invited to activate their account before the show so they can earn Reward Points with their first order! We'll also be at the ready on your event date (or closing date, if your event is virtual) to turn around the Hostess Reward(s) as quickly as possible.

  • Does my Hostess place her order before or after I close the party?

    We leave this decision up to you, in consultation with your Hostess. By including your Hostess' order in the party total, you'll increase the amount based on which we'll issue her a 10% gift card reward. You and she may instead elect to hold her order until after party close so that she can use her gift card reward as payment for her order.

  • How do I close the party? How does my Hostess receive reward(s)?

    Within 48 hours of event end, use the form below to close your event. Your hostess will receive a gift card reward in the amount of 10% of her party's merchandise total. As the Editor, you will also receive the gift card code in case you plan to help your Hostess place her next order.