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The world is opening up! Time to have a little fun and spread the Storyline joy in person! For the month of May, we're offering Editors who have $500+ in sales this month an extra treat for social gatherings on top of existing commissions and bonuses so you can make May your best month yet!

How It Works:

Earn points with social gatherings this month and receive a $75 cash bonus added to your June payout for every 15 points you redeem. Points are awarded for the following activities, with a max of 12 points available for a single event:

Host/Co-Host a gathering (+2)

For this promotion, your Group Style Session will be attended by at least 2 customers (not counting the Hostess or other Editors). Earn a single point for being the Hostess for your own event, or 2 points for organizing/emceeing a customer-hosted Style Session.

  • Notice that there are no minimums attached to these Style Sessions: SET YOUR OWN GOALS, REWARD YOUR HOSTESSES YOUR OWN WAY!

Book up to 3 future gatherings during the event (+6)

Convert attendees into hostesses! For every future gathering you book during the event, that will take place on or before June 30, you get two points!

Post a pic of the gathering on social media (+4)

Post a pic of the event online and mention/tag Storyline Collection. Only one photo counts for points but don’t hesitate to post multiple pics and on multiple platforms! Two points are earned for the photo, with an additional two points available if someone is wearing a Storyline piece or a Storyline graphic/logo is visible.

On Facebook and Twitter, mention Storyline Collection in the body of your post by typing @StorylineCollection and select the main Storyline page. Make sure the audience for your post is public. On Instagram, choose the "tag photo" option and search for Storyline Collection. Click here to view the post in your FB group with tutorial screenshots, and email Tech Amy at with questions!


  • Two gatherings with hostesses (+2 x 2), both with social media pics featuring someone wearing Storyline (+4 x 2), and one additional booking from each gathering (+2 x 2) = 16 points!
  • Five self-hosted gatherings (+1 x 5) with one additional booking from each (+2 x 5) = 15 points!


Download the Incentive Details Flyer in PDF


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