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What I Wore When I Watched (Volume One)

What I Wore When I Watched (Volume One)

Not super proud of this, but my family and I have become pretty darn good navigating our channel changer each evening for some diversion and entertainment.

Here are some of our favorites, partnered with the perfect Storyline Collection outfit to compliment the action…


Schitt’s Creek (all seasons now on Hulu & Netflix)

We are on the Emmy train with this popular and silly Canadian series. We love this journey for ALL of us….and appreciate an excuse to laugh til we cry, too!

What I wore: Black Curated Companion Turtleneck, Black Perfect Pants (Very David, right?)


Mandalorian (Disney Plus, Season 2 launches in late October)

Who doesn’t love a little Baby Yoda? I am not a Star Wars fan, but fell in love with this prequel series. Can’t wait for Season 2!

What I wore: super space age-y in my White Hero Jacket, Charcoal Curated Companion Scoop Neck, Black Cropped Leggings

The Great British Baking Show (Season 8, Netflix)

They won’t admit it, but both my adult son and dear husband don’t mind sitting in on this surprising and delightful series. Season 8 is Covid-savvy with the tented bakers “be-bubbled”. Good on them, lucky for us!

What I wore: Wide Leg Pants (black), Turnaround Top (also black), my own apron


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