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Spotlight on: HiLo Tunic

Spotlight on: HiLo Tunic

How do I love this Tunic? Let me count the ways:

First of all, this piece was “designed” by our Directors Council, a leadership group of Editors who zeroed in on the key details their clients love: a face-flattering V-neck, “push-up” sleeves (takes 5 pounds off of your hips — NO DIETING!), and a cool HiLo hemline that can be tied, French-tucked, or worn loose and lovely. Want to have a say in creating our line? Check in with your Editor….or JOIN US!

I wear this Tunic in not-so-basic black like a cool sweatshirt, with leggings, jeans and lounge-y with our amazing Wide Leg Pants.

But the real news here is the Techno Plaid, our in-house/hands-on designer Sunil Ramchandani’s updated take on classic plaid. I am CRAZY for it, with its bright colors, perfect “camouflage” effect, and the FUN versatility of experimenting with different sizes to make different looks!

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