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Business as Unusual

Business as Unusual

When I started my first direct-to-consumer fashion business over 20 years ago, we operated on what was known as a “party plan”. A willing hostess would gather a group of friends for coffee or cocktails, and I would present our line of clothes, describing where and how and why to buy and wear these separates so that a woman’s life would be simpler, more colorful, her clothes flattering, functional, fabulous.

And, boy, did we have some fun! I still laugh at the memory of some margarita-fueled fashion shows, and the power of a good bundt cake at the closing table (where we built the wardrobes, and the sales, and, importantly, our friendship).

The current pandemic has put a halt to the coziest of our parties, where friends sat hip-to-hip on the couch and shared try-ons with wild abandon. And we miss those gatherings!

BUT, ever-evolving, our Editor/Stylists have jumped into service, excelling at online events (ZOOM and/or Facebook live), socially-distanced patio parties, curated “Traveling Tote” drops and targeted Skype sessions.

We are loving that women are loving the service AND the comfortable clothes we offer! We are fortunate that the only ballgowns we produce are printed on our active T-shirts, and that our sleek pants and cropped leggings have COVID-body friendly elastic waistbands!


Would you like to add a little color to your daily wears? How about an online conversation with a fashion friend? Let us know — we are here for you throughout…and can’t wait to sit and laugh with you later, too!

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