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A New Working World

A New Working World

We can’t help but feel blue listening to the news. The daily reports on unrest and unkindness cut us to the quick. And the jobs report…

What sustains us is the ability we at Storyline Collection have to support women — and men! — who may be looking for a new career, a side-gig, some temporary income, or a new experience to add to their resume while they look for “a real job”. (I am not making this up — reporting about the team you led and the sales you built is IMPRESSIVE STUFF for any employer!)

Our Editors are flourishing, offering a colorful, comfortable, well-priced line of clothes in an upbeat, online-or-on-your-patio manner. We KNOW our professional training and positive team experience will add to anybody’s day…and bank account.

We are sharing a designer line that is PPW-priced and will fit (almost) ANYbody (we’re adding a line of Plus-sized favorites this fall! so STAY TUNED! You KNOW that is our designer Sunil’s “jam”!). We provide training, incentives and fun.
And the money ain’t bad either, whether you choose to build a team, or a big paycheck — up to 40% earnings with commission and bonuses!

Just to say, if you are looking for a “lift” or a crash-course in fashion fun, or you have a friend/family member who could benefit from the same, let us know. We’d love to tell you our story…and help you build your own!


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