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Fashion Coaching with Sunil Ramchandani

$75 per 45-minute virtual session
Register for 5 sessions for $300

Meet Sunil

Sunil Ramchandani is a New York-based fashion industry insider and an expert on building wardrobes that serve — and FIT — women of all shapes and sizes. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and instructor at Parsons School of Design, Sunil’s work has received acclaim at Anne Klein, Curvation Queen Latifah, and Jockey Person to Person. He has dressed celebrities from Oprah to Duchess Sarah Ferguson…and YOU! Sunil’s blog, #SunilStyles, inspires everyday style and personal expression.

What is Fashion Coaching?

Fashion Coaching is a new service from Storyline Collection offered to individuals who are looking to transform their way of dressing.

Fashion Coaching is different from a Personal Shopper who buys clothing and accessories for you when you do not have the time to shop or a Personal Stylist who gets you ready for a certain life event.

Fashion Coaching helps you master the language of clothing and communicate the exact image you desire by the way you are dressed. Research has found that the way you dress effects the way you feel, and that in turn effects your life. The goal is to have you master your personal style vocabulary and communicate exactly what you desire.

A Fashion Coach can help you through all kinds of life transitions like starting a new career, changes in your body shape or gender, or adapting to a new way of life. We can also help you simplify the way you dress and take the stress out of daily dressing.

We can also help you with any questions or concerns that you have.

Why offer Fashion Coaching?

This service used to be provided by department stores where you had access to an expert salesperson who would work with you one-on-one getting you the right wardrobe.

Unfortunately this service no longer exists. In addition, due to social media there is so much confusing information out there and most individuals struggle to find out how it applies to them.

How does it work?

Book your session here by selecting a day and time, then checkout.

You will receive a prequestionnaire before the appointment to help Sunil prepare for the appointment.

In your 45-minute video appointment, Sunil will work on any specific needs as well as make general suggestions.

After the session an email recap will be sent with additional information.

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