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You've Signed Up (YAY!)
Next, Choose a Starter Kit:

Welcome to the Storyline Collection Editor Team! There's an email heading to you with confirmation of your account details and tips & tricks on getting started. Next you'll choose your New Editor Kit from two options, based on how you plan to work with your clients:
  • The Fan Fiction Virtual Kit is for the digital dynamo. If you'll be selling exclusively through social media, this is your quick start option.

  • The Best Seller Kit is designed to launch your business in style. Your kit will arrive with 9 mix-and-match separates designed to showcase Storyline fit, feel, and fabric, in our branded tote! You can customize 4 of the 9 pieces, and we'll select complementary sizes and colors/prints in 5 additional pieces. With 9 Collection pieces, you'll be ready to schedule style sessions right out of the box!


Best Seller Kit

Let's Customize It...
Your starter kit includes nine pieces, four of which you can customize based on available inventory. Make your selections below, and based on your choices, we'll round out your kit with complementary selections of five additional pieces. Your kit will come with a Storyline Tote so you'll be ready for your first Style Session right out of the box!

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