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You've Signed Up (YAY!)
next, choose a kit:
Welcome to the Storyline Collection Editor Team! There's an email heading to you with confirmation of your account details and tips & tricks on getting started. Next you'll choose your New Editor Kit from two options, based on how you plan to work with your clients:
  • The Flash Fiction Virtual Kit is for the digital dynamo. If you'll be selling exclusively through social media, this is your quick start option.
  • The Best Seller Kit is designed to launch your business in style. Your kit will arrive with 11 mix-and-match separates designed to showcase Storyline fit, feel, and fabric, in our branded tote! You'll be ready to schedule style sessions right out of the box! You'll also get a $100 wardrobe allowance to customize your first capsule!

Which kit would you like?

Make your selection and head to checkout!