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You’ve got a friend….who dresses well, too!

You’ve got a friend….who dresses well, too!

I just love this story about one of my very favorite singer/songwriters, Carole King. A friend told me about the time, 20 years ago, she came into a New York City restaurant where he was taking reservations.

He said, “Boy, did she hold court, in the most gracious way possible, greeting diners who expressed interest. She then sat down and enjoyed her meal in peace. All that celebrity hunger transformed into a feeling that we were all guests in her home, and her home was the whole wide world. Grace personified.”

I am smitten by the image of creating a world that feels like home. I wish that grace for all of us this holiday season and well beyond. 

P.S. — Carole King has great style. I wonder what she was wearing to that dinner out?

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