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What I Wore When I Watched (Volume 2)

What I Wore When I Watched (Volume 2)

Our family is spending the last few nights out on our patio — it’s priceless time here in Minnesota! Still, we manage to squeeze in an hour or so of “quality” streaming…here’s more of what we’re loving, and what I am wearing while sofa surfing…

Dancing with the Stars (on ABC network)

I can’t help myself. I love dancers of all styles and types. I’ll be frank: I wasn’t sure I would like this season’s new host, Tyra Banks, but she is doing a great job with an unusual group of celebrities. SMIZE (Tyra’s trademark “smile with your eyes”) everyone!*

*ESPECIALLY important when wearing a mask!

What I wore: Black Flirty Skirt, of course! Electric Lily Turnaround Top and My Favorite Red Wrap Cardigan. Cha-cha-cha INDEED!


Bosch (We’re on Season 5 of 6, on Amazon Prime)

We tried to fall in love with “True Detective”, but…whoa, too dark. Slightly lighter, but still saucy enough to pull one in is this LA procedural set in Hollywood Homocide…and the title character’s amazing hillside house.

What I wore: Black Hero Jacket, Black Perfect Pant, Chambray shirt (sort of LAPD….)


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