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Welcoming Intuition To Our Brand Family!

Welcoming Intuition To Our Brand Family!

Storyline Collection entered the new year in a, literally, on-brand FASHION. We “embraced” a sister start-up, and are now blending their impressive collection into our own!

We love these piece’s “California-ease”, because the Intuition company was Newport Beach-based. We love their color palette, which extends our classic line! And we love the special opportunities these new styles provide for our Storyline Collectors — new shapes, matches, and possibilities, all at great prices. We are proud to add these MADE IN USA selections to our line!


The “collectibles” we offer are limited, however: we have a wide array of styles, sizes and colors, but not every option in every category. The labels on the line may read “Intuition” or “Amore” for this drop, but these are all enthusiastically Sunil-approved and ready to mix into our Signature Storyline.

Our best advice? SHOP NOW, enjoy these pieces all season, and give us feedback!

What would you like to see coming forward to Fall 2022? Let us know!

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