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The Magic of Capsule Wardrobing

The Magic of Capsule Wardrobing

Capsule Collections are great starting points for wardrobes. Not only can you put together a month of outfits from 10 basic pieces, you can also “curate” a special and separate Business Travel Capsule, a Beach Vacay Capsule, a Spring Capsule, a Fall Colors Capsule.

I like to set up a Basic Capsule each season, then go from there. It’s okay to have 2-3 “working” capsules in your closet at any given time. I have a Basic Black capsule at the ready — it will always be my go-to, and I like changing it up with colorful accessories: great jewelry, shoes, boots, scarves and belts.

Storyline Collection was designed to help women create these mini-wardrobes in a one-stop shop, but you can also layer in complimentary separates in favorite fabrics. Also, in my closet is always a denim jacket, a crisp white shirt (a longer tunic style for this summer), and a great pair (or two!) of jeans.


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