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What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

As a young mother, I was always searching for systems that would help order our family’s hectic life. You know the drill: cooking weekly meals in bulk, coordinating car pools, finding the balance of family chores and family together time (lovingly dubbed “forced family fun” by our crew).

"What to wear" fit into that mix — with a background in fashion, I was always trying to find the perfect balance between looking great (or even, passably appropriate), and getting out the door on time. Money mattered, too; there was a family to raise, soccer cleats to buy, dance lessons to line up.

So when I discovered the magic of Capsule Wardrobing, it was a welcome revelation! I could invest in separates that I loved, in a color palette that flattered, and at a price that fit the budget. ESPECIALLY when it was so fun to demonstrate the 30 outfits I could build from 10 basic pieces: Three Jackets or dresses, three bottoms (skirts or pants), and four tops, selected in a color scheme that consisted of a “dark” base, a “light” brightener, and a pop of seasonal color.

I was in love…and out the door in under 10 minutes. As our Storyline designer Sunil likes to say, “A woman should be able to walk into her closet blindfolded, pull out three pieces and GET ON WITH HER DAY!”


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