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Style Your Travel Story!

Style Your Travel Story!

Well it is strange to be talking about travelling in the middle of a pandemic, but a lot of us are taking road trips right now. Packing for a road trip is similar to flying in the sense that space is limited unless you own a super large SUV or a minivan. Here are some tips to help you look comfortable and stylish without having to bring your entire closet along.

They key is what you pack, how you pack and what you wear.

A. What to Pack

1. Create a color story for your trip. It should not be more than 2 or 3 main neutral colors, a pop color and a print.This will ensure that everything goes with each other. Your pop color should mostly be in your tops, and stick to mostly dark colors on the bottom. Your color story should be in harmony with the nature of your trip.This is essentially the first step in creating a travel capsule.

2. Pay attention to fabrics and try to pack as many wrinkle resistant fabrics as possible. Our jersey is wrinkle proof. Stay away from linens, silks and delicate fabrics. Instead, stick to jersey, tech fabrics and cottons blended with spandex. Choose styles that fold tight and bounce back.

3. Pack your workhorse pieces. Everything you choose should have at least an 80% chance of being worn. Black pants, jersey tops and pieces that can recreate a little black dress look all fall into this category. Also pack convertible pieces. These are pieces that can be worn more than one way.

Check out my Wide Leg Jersey Pants with Pockets that zip closed:

4. Include your most versatile pieces, especially pieces that are convertible. Look at how the pieces you pack work together. Layout your outfit ideas and take pictures. My flirty skirt is perfect as it has pockets that zip and keep your belongings secure. When paired with the turnaround top, it becomes a LBD or can be worn as a top. Here is the link to it:

5. Pack lots of accessories. Bling gives you major bang for your buck when you are traveling. It is small, but can completely transform a simple dress or outfit. Make sure you pack at least 3 statement pieces. It is also important to make sure the pieces go with your color story. Do pack a couple of belts as well. Make sure you pack a mix of casual, sporty and dressy accessories that go together.

Scarves are your secret weapon to traveling light and looking fabulous.They are incredibly light and fold into the smallest squares which can be tucked into any spare corner you have in your suitcase. Make sure you have a solid one, a printed one and an embellished one. They can become belts, hats, shirts or tops in an instant.


6. I say this with much pain! Limit the number of shoes you pack. They weigh the most and take up the most space. Do not pack any uncomfortable shoes. Right now, you should pack a heel in either a metallic shade, nude or black for evening, a comfortable casual day shoe and a light athletic waterproof sneaker for walking around or working out. So 3 pairs is all that goes in your bag. Make sure you pack a small clutch that goes with your heels for evening, and pack a lightweight foldable backpack for day trips or for shopping. Here is an example.

B. How to Pack

1. Layout everything on your bed including the outfit you are going to travel in. Count your pieces - you should have at least 3 tops for every bottom. Make sure all the colors sit in harmony. The reason you put your travel outfit on the bed is to make sure it goes with the pieces you pack. Here is how you can add your favorite jeans and cami along with the 5 pieces from the Storyline Collection to create 10 looks.This is an example of a capsule that you can put together for a low key outdoor wedding.

2. Pack using zip lock bags and roll your clothes, squeezing out any excess air. If you travel with a jacket, turn it inside out and fold the shoulders in before you roll.

3. Start with your shoes, laying them toe to heel at the bottom of your bag. Stuff them with underwear, scarves and belts.Not only does this make efficient use of space, this helps the shoe keep its shape.

4. Resist any last minute urges to pack extras. Your clothing will expand as you wear it and repack and the most important thing is you have to leave room to shop!


C. What to Wear

1. Comfort and Style is your mantra. Poly/Spandex blends are the best to travel in. Look for moisture-wicking and anti-microbial fabrics as they will keep you cooler and cleaner. Make sure the fabric drapes well and does not cling. Do opt for an elastic waist and pockets are a plus. Keep your outfit monochromatic and in a dark color. Our perfect pant and hero jacket are perfect road trip attire.

2. Make sure you clothing can come on and off in small spaces, just in case you get held up in traffic and need to change in the car.

3. Sunglasses, a practical handbag and a mask is also a must, especially if you are making lots of stops. Do have lipstick and sunscreen handy to apply when you get to your destination.

4. Your shoes should come and off easily and be super comfortable.

D. When You Get to Your Destination

1. Unpack everything and hang what you can. If anything is wrinkled, take it to the bathroom and hang it on the door while you shower. Most of the wrinkles should come out. Travel with a small bottle of Downy Wrinkle release, as this helps if something gets really wrinkled. A portable steamer is also a must have. In a pinch, your hotel hair dryer can help get wrinkles out. Spray a little water on the garment and blow on low. Have some Shout stain wipes or pen to deal with stains.

2. Make sure you take out all the items from your shoes and lay out your accessories on a table.

3. Plan your outfits for the next few days and hang them in order, Review pictures of them on your phone so you do not forget the combinations you came up with.

Feeling and looking gorgeous when you road trip is as easy as A,B,C and D!
Love, Sunil

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