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Spotlight on: Wrap Cardigan

Spotlight on: Wrap Cardigan

I love this classic Wrap Cardigan …. and I love this story that goes with it!

This easy jacket is ALWAYS in my tote. I love it as an extra layer, an airline blanket, a handsome jacket, the best defense against restaurant air conditioning during these hot summer months.

Pulled it out in front of a New York City-based Stylist (the kind that charges $250/hour to “curate your closet”), and her eyes grew WIDE: “I need this for all of my clients! It’s perfect! Dress up, wear with cut-offs, travel, PERFECT!” I couldn’t agree more.

Do you have this key piece in YOUR collection? We even include a “cheat sheet” to show you how to wear it 17 ways (and no $250 invoice! You’re welcome!)


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