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Spotlight on: Tunic Dress

Spotlight on: Tunic Dress

It’s SO NICE having a PERSONAL DESIGNER who “gets women”!

:copyright: Sunil Ramchandani

When Sunil Ramchandani told us that SLEEVES WERE THE THING for Spring/Summer/Fall 2021, we were a little nervous. Who has time to navigate all that puff? Happily, Sunil had the answer (he always does!): a little pouf, a charming ruffle, soft elastic….and a dress with pockets!

I love wearing my Tunic Dress with our AMAZING Curated Companion Cropped Leggings. Keeps it sporty, active, ready for anything: Farmer’s Market, to lunch on the deck, to a garden party wedding shower! LOVE it in our Island Floral Print, and also available in not-so-basic Classic Black. 

This dress is a travel must! And did I mention POCKETS?

Thanks Sunil!

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