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Spotlight on: Anchor Gray Perfect Legging!

Spotlight on: Anchor Gray Perfect Legging!

TRUE STORY: When Sunil and I first started talking about creating the company that would become Storyline, almost 6 years ago, we had ONE PRIMARY GOAL: Create The Perfect Pant.

We had been influenced and impressed by such a pant in the past: something made from a proprietary brushed tech fabric that ticked all the boxes: wicking (not sweaty!), anti-microbial (not stinky!), SUPER flattering (there’s a reason these are often referred to at “the Butt Pant”, as in they sure make your fanny look fabulous!).

Easy care was important and versatility A MUST. It took us, literally, two years to build the pant, and it became the anchor piece of our line!

Anchors get lonely, however, and it didn’t take long for us to add a sister “lifter” — we love our Perfect Legging, and this you will too!

We love this “skinny pant” as an elevated Legging — no sport stitching or awkward pockets to add bulk, though Sunil did add a “park it pocket” to the waistband that will hold a key, a credit card, or your phone (for a minute!). You will love the flattering fit and the way it turns your Hero Jacket into a high-end ensemble.

Launched in Classic Black, of course, we were able to bring it to our line in a NEW NEUTRAL this spring: we named this color ANCHOR GRAY because it will do just that: be the anchor point to your Capsule Wardrobe, taking you from the boardroom to barre class without missing a beat.

We built these Leggings to fit EVERYbody: XS - 2XL.And we priced them right: our average PPW (Price Per Wear) for these leggings is $.15 over a three years “wear”.

TRY THEM ON! Earn some Storyline Points and our love as a member of the Perfect Pant and Legging Club. (all the cool kids are in it!)

“Butt” you knew that….


P.S. Not to brag, but…. check out the reviews from REFINERY29!

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