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Just what is PPW?

Just what is PPW?

As a fashion nut, I am always in the mood to go shopping! It’s what I miss most about these socially-distanced days….and something I have found that I am quite good at doing online! (YIKES!)

But I try to keep a responsible head and always purchase with PPW front of mind, that is Price Per Wear.

Let’s do the math: If I spend $100 on a pair of pants, that’s an INVESTMENT. If I wear them three times per week for 6 months, that’s SMART SHOPPING — those pants have just cost me $.72 per wear. That’s a deal! (I’m describing our Storyline Collection Wide Leg Pants here, an item I wear as my basic-basic sweatpant alternative…. so comfy, super chic, never sloppy! And those zip pockets on the side… LIFESAVERS!)

Our designer Sunil says that any purchase you make that gives you PPW of $6 or less is WOW. I love to examine my closet for the best “deals” and the “oops!”. My Turnaround Top from our most recent Collection is going on $.33 PPW….and it’s just getting started!

I am also a clothing collector — I have pieces in my closet that are over 20 years old. Dresses, blouses, even an antique fur vest! I love these "friends" and the memories they hold. I have one dress that I look at and it makes me laugh: I have ALWAYS had fun when I have worn it. I bought it on sale and it’s PPW is probably still $50….but the memories? Priceless!




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