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How To Throw The Right Shade

How To Throw The Right Shade

The key to looking fab this summer while protecting your eyes is to find the right pair of sunglasses. Sunnies as the Australians call them are a must have accessory. Here are the five things you must keep in mind when shopping for your perfect pair.

1. Face Flattery

The shape of your frame must flatter your face. There are four common face shapes: Oval, Round, Square, and Heart. If you are not sure of your face shape, the simplest way to find out is look in your bathroom mirror -- make sure your hair is pulled back and trace around your face with a piece of soap. Step away and you will see your face shape. 

If your face is Oval...
Wear a frame that is wider than the broadest part of your face.  Keep the overall size in balance with your face. Lucky you, most shapes will flatter your face. Your face is similar to an hourglass body you can get away with anything. Look to Jessica Alba, Gwen Stefani, and Beyoncé for inspiration - they all have oval faces. 

If your face is Round...
Oversize, Rectangular and Angular Frames offset your roundness. Try a statement frame. Be inspired by Michelle Williams and Selena Gomez. Your face can take strong details and fun color. 

If your face is Square...
Circular frames are the best for you and do avoid hard edges. Make sure you balance your face shape. Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow are your role models. Go for soft colors and tonal lenses. 

If your face is Heart shaped...
Rimless frames, Cateyes and Aviators work best to compliment wide cheekbones. You can go for some of the glamorous oversized Hollywood type frames. Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are your go to girls for inspiration.

2. Color

Overall stick to colors that look best in clothing  and translate that to sunglasses. Pay attention to how they work with your hair color as well. White is trending right now but before you invest in a pair make sure it works with your wardrobe and you have a tan. 

3. Fit

When looking at how they fit make sure that they do not slide down the nose and cause and pinching or discomfort. They should stay on when you turn your face from side to side.Look at the side view, the arms should fit nicely behind your ears. Some of this can be adjusted but you are better off picking a close to perfect pair to start with. 

4. Quality

Pay attention to the arms. They should be strong, the hinges should feel smooth and they should feel substantial. It is also important that they offer the right UV protection. Go for the best quality you can afford unless you are the type that easily loses them. 

5. Trend

Sunglasses trends come and go. Some are classics and have been around forever. You can never go wrong with a classic pair of Aviators or a statement Cat Eye. It is always fun to have a couple of on trend sunnies for a touch of glam.  Here are this Summer’s Top Trends.


Think of your sunglasses as the cherry on the sundae — your outfit is perfectly good without them but the right ones just put it over the top. ♥ Sunil

Sunil Ramchandani is the genius behind Storyline Collection's capsule wardrobe pieces. He is a New York-based fashion industry insider and an expert on building wardrobes that serve — and FIT — women of all shapes and sizes.  A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology and instructor at Parsons School of Design, Sunil’s work has received acclaim at Anne Klein, Curvation Queen Latifah, and Jockey Person to Person. He has dressed celebrities from Oprah to Duchess Sarah Ferguson…and YOU! Sunil’s blog, #SunilStyles, inspires everyday style and personal expression.

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