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Fabulous 4th of July Style!

Fabulous 4th of July Style!

It is almost here...July 4th! This is the one time a year that I get a little carried away and indulge in some red, white and blue mania. Being an immigrant whose journey to citizenship was pretty arduous, I never take this day for granted. I am very proud to call this country my home and celebrate 32 years as a resident of New York City.

It is such a fine line between creating a fabulous fashion forward patriotic look or ending up with something that looks like it escaped from a parade. If you want to rock some over the top patriotic style by all means go for it. This is one occasion that you can get away with it. I know we are all not feeling our best with a pandemic going on but do take some time to pull together a great outfit.

For most of us it is about a balance between showing off our patriotism and being stylish. To find the right balance I looked to the stars of movies and music for inspiration. So if you are in the mood for displaying some all out 4th of July madness or just a subtle hint of your patriotic spirit, here are...

5 tips to do it right

1. Use white as your base.

White is such a clean refreshing palette to base you outfit on. It is cool crisp and comfortable. Finish it off with a touch of red and blue. It is one of the key colors for this Summer and is now a year round color. Check out the White Hero Jacket I designed especially for Storyline Collection that goes with everything! 

 2. Pick one motif: Stars OR Stripes.

Picking one motif and making it your central theme creates a look that is sophisticated and polished. Take a cue from these celebrities and create just one focal point to your outfit. Mix this with one of two classic american fabrics -- chambray or denim.

3. Opt for fresh takes on the flag.

Instead of just draping yourself in a flag which concerns some people as being too much or disrespectful, designers have created artistic interpretations that capture the spirit of it while respecting it. Look for something that is more interesting and flattering. Tie dye versions are the must have.

4. Look to accessories.

There are so many fabulous accessories out there that feature the flag. Go for a great head to toe solid white, red or blue outfit and then punch it with a flag bag or shoe. Subtle but very effective in creating a stylish outfit. I usually tend to take this route myself. There are so any fantastic options.

5. Bring on the nails.

With all the creativity that is going on with nails, this is the place to go crazy. So get some patriotic nail art and pair with a crisp white shirt and a great pair of jeans to get the ultimate understated wow outfit.

BONUS! 6. For the boys...

The great news is all of these tips work for the men in your life as well (maybe not so much tip number 5) but I know a few rockstar dudes that can make it work. I got a great tee from J Crew, keeping it simple.

But the main thing to remember is to celebrate what an amazing country we are because it is our diversity that makes us so great.

Happy Independence Day

♥ Sunil


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