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While world events might be making you want to reach for the bottle, our BOTTOMS UP! promotion was built with a longer term benefit in mind!

Pants have always been our “stock in trade”. Let’s just say it: we’re GOOD at them! We love to fit and flatter and create the perfect foundation for a great outfit — and so, often, a great DAY!

But the main thing THIS MONTH is that they are on BOGO special. You have a unique, once-a-year opportunity to pick up a PAIR at a great price! We are THRILLED to be extending our line to include size 2X, and these pants in our new INCLUSIVE sizing will help our new clients building their wardrobe from the “bottom up”. Literally!

We founded our Storyline Collection with our PERFECT PANTS and once you try them on, you will see why we bet the business farm on them! They are made from our proprietary “Tech Fabric”, a cozy but smoothing spin of polyester and spandex that give JUST the right amount of support….without putting you in shapewear jail. You know that feeling you get when your leggings are too tight? Not happening here! In fact, we call the Perfect Pants our “10 lb. pants” because they will hug you 10 pounds up or down the scale. And, if your past six months has been anything like mine, that’s JUST FINE.

There is a special “shaping yoke” that Sunil has built into the backside. It provides Just. The. Right. Amount of lift to your fanny. Some call them Magic Pants, some call them Butt Pants. We call them Perfect. Straight legs with a “park-it” pocket in the waist back for a key or a grocery list. How smart!

To complement these wardrobe staples, we also offer our Wide Leg Pants. Not the catchiest name, but a wonderful addition to your work-from-home (or work-from-ANYwhere) uniform. As comfortable as sweats — but SO much more flattering! — these Wide Leg Pants are built from our signature polyester/spandex Matte Jersey, and can go from a beach party to the ballroom. All it takes is the properly styled bikini top or sequined blouse! You will love our side zip pockets, too! They securely hold a lipstick, a credit card or your beach locker key! NICE!

Best of all, both of these pants are on SPECIAL for the month of September ONLY! Buy one, get the second pair for half-off. You may want to try one of each. You may want to “double up” on a favorite style. You may want to “share-a-pair” with a friend. Not going to lie: I have 3 pairs of each in regular rotation. They machine wash, hang dry, and make getting dressed in the morning so easy.

Which is one less thing to worry about. And, man, am I grateful for that about now!



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