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At Last... The PERFECT Pant!

At Last... The PERFECT Pant!

Our first task was developing the right fabric that held you in, allowed you to move and was comfortable to wear all day long. I worked with our mill to create a tech fabric that was wicking (moves moisture away from your skin so that you do not feel all sweaty) and antimicrobial.The problem with tech fabrics is that they often feel slick and slippery (which is a feeling I do not love), so by adding a very light brushing it allowed it to feel more cozy.

Once I got the fabric right, it was all about finding the key pieces that a woman would wear everyday. That started with the creation of the pant. I talked to over 100 women about what their perfect pant is, or could be. Many of the women had one that they really loved and shared with me, but they felt it often had one or two desired features missing. Pants from Jockey Person to Person, Lululemon, Athleta, and the Gap were brought to my attention. I asked each woman detailed questions to figure out what she liked about each pant and incorporated that feedback into my design to create... the perfect pant!

My key learning was that the pant had to look flawless from both the front and the back and had to be able to work from breakfast to dinner. Most of my contributors did not mind changing their tops throughout the day but really did not want to change their pants.


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