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Asking About Masking

Asking About Masking
Let me start by saying that it is hard work to launch a fashion business during a pandemic. Had we known this was coming, we may have planned things differently — a phrase I think we can all relate to.

Still, it has been an important time for our group to drill down on WHAT’S IMPORTANT NOW, to shift some priorities, and to respond to the needs around our Community.

Many of you have asked us for Storyline Collection masks — a tool for safety and respect for a unwieldy virus, and something we advocate for our friends and family to wear when in public places. This is not a political statement: this our small effort to move forward through the unknown. If I can help by slapping a mask on when I go to the grocery store, I am all over it!

But it better be pretty! Storyline Collection won’t be making masks, but we DO have our eye out for some great options:
  • uses their beautiful prints on silk to build all kinds and colors of masks. They feel good and DO GOOD — for each mask purchased, they donate one to front line workers.
  • Most comfy? I love the masks at They are colorful and super washable, and are made from their patented Baclock anti-bacterial microfiber. I just like the sound of that. If you don’t have a Norwex consultant you work with, message me and I will share mine!
  • Super chic? My friend in fashion, Megan Boyton, has founded an AMAZING project that supports women’s work, masking safety and donor culture. Check out her impressive, and colorful, website:

Storyline Collection was built to serve a community of WOMEN. We love them, we dress them, we instill confidence in their daily outlook. They inspire us, teach us, and….if we are doing our job right, they are supporting our woman-owned business, too!

Thank you for being part of this. We feel you, we are grateful…and we wish you would tell a friend about us, too. We struggle with this New Normal, because for us and our trained Fashion Editors, this is NOT normal.

We want to be out in front of groups of women, live and laughing and sharing tips for how to dress to impress. We think we’ll be doing that a lot faster if we all mask-up. Chic-ly, of course!

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