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Welcome To Storyline Collection!

Welcome aboard the Storyline Collection Affiliate Team!  We are excited that you have made the decision to partner with us. So, what happens next?

Check your inbox. You'll find an email with confirmation of your application and a link to access your Affiliate Dashboard. As part of your introduction to the company, you'll be contacted by our Affiliate Support Team in the next two business days to connect you to the resources, tutorial library, and training opportunities that have been created especially for you! 

In the meantime, let's finish your onboarding so you can start selling and get paid! You can complete the following steps in any order, and you can return to this page at any time using the link on your Affiliate Dashboard. If at any time you need help, just email!


  Just one more step...
Set Up Direct Deposit & Monthly Fee Payment

You'll be paid the commissions and bonuses you earn in a given month with payouts occurring on the 15th of the following month. Your Affiliate Dashboard contains your running commission totals for any given period, as well as the payouts we've made to you. At your earliest convenience, complete and submit the W-9 IRS form linked on your Dashboard. You will be issued a 1099 form in January for your use in filing your taxes.

Affiliates are offered the convenience of direct deposit to receive their payouts as well as have their monthly $8.99 fee deducted from the same account. We'll use the bank account information you provided when applying to arrange both deposit and withdrawal via ACH. For security, you'll be required to verify your bank account with us by confirming two microdeposits we'll make to your account for this purpose.